A first operational hydraulic battery coupled with solar energy on the Paglia Orba platform in Ajaccio

The Paglia Orba platform, developed by the University of Corsica, the CNRS and CEA-LITEN, brings together diversified consumers (offices, electric vehicles, households), various technologies of production but also storage of electricity from renewable energy and allows to simulate and control micro-networks connected or not to the Corsican regional network.

Our first “hydraulic battery” was built at the heart of this innovative platform. This is an opportunity for us to study the integration of our system to various microgrids and to test its performance. This installation allows our technical team to test its optimization work and to obtain expertise on the real performance and dynamics of our battery coupled with solar energy.

CEA-LITEN has therefore created a clever environment around this micro pumped-storage hydro power plant coupled with solar energy. Since September 1st, CEA and STEPSol engineers have been working together to test different energy algorithms and models thanks to:


Since July 2018, the installation is operational, transforming our idea of ​​hydraulic  battery coupled with solar energy into a reality.