STEPSol develops hydraulic batteries coupled with small solar installations  to provide nonstop renewable and decarbonized electricity  in  rural territories and isolated zones.


Principle of our hydraulic battery

Our solution combines the simplicity and rusticity of pumped hydro storage system  with an optimized water and solar management.

During the day, solar panels power a village. Surplus electricity allows to operate a pump that will raise water from a low tank to a surface tank of the same size. Whenever the photovoltaic production is insufficient to meet the needs of the consumer or the network operator (night time, bad weather …), the water comes down and drives turbines which will then produce electricity.

 Le surplus d’électricité permet d’actionner une pompe qui va monter de l’eau d’un bassin bas vers un bassin haut de même dimension.La nuit, l’eau redescend et actionne des turbines qui vont alors produire de l’électricité.

Water acts as an hydraulic battery : thanks to it, solar production becomes completely mastered and flexible.

Some figures

Our innovations

We offer

  • Harmonious, diffuse and sustainable integration of solar installations in the territories
  • Clean and responsible energy acces for people living in isolated zones or fuel-depedent areas
  • Participation in the balancing of territorial electrical grid
  • Active strengthening of the local electrical grid


A solution  taking into account local constraints

Go beyond a simple green production :
The Energy Transition at inhabitants’ services.